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To My Future Child

Take my love and this burning world

As your inheritance, my love.

What remains is yours.


We were all once quiet babies,

Abandoned in a dumpster

By the wrinkled gods 


Of industry and politics

Who pissed our planet’s riches 

Up against the wall.


Force a handshake, pocket the cash, 

The future’s not his problem,

Walk away grinning.


But unlike the prodigal son 

None shall weep upon their neck 

When they return home.


A disenfranchised love, my love,

Is all I can leave behind,

Please forgive me.


And forgive the pallid question

Hanging in the sickly sky,

Orange-stained with smoke;


Should we have given you this breath

Choked and smoky as it is,

Knowing that the earth


Cannot sustain those that are here?

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